What Do You Get?



Your Package Contains:

  • A Deed Certificate for Your Martian Property, Perfect for Display in Your Home, Office, or Classroom
  • A Title Deed for Your Assigned Land Claim, Numbered for Registration
  • A Reference Letter Describing Land Features in Your Vicinity
  • A Welcome-to-Mars Packet
  • Membership Card and Citizenship Papers for the Martian Federation
  • A Copy of the Declaration of Martian Rights
  • An Explanation of the Flag of the Martian Federation
  • A Plan for the Private Development of Mars
  • A Map of the 30 USGS Regions of Mars
  • A Mars Fact Sheet
  • Descriptions of What a Person Would Observe on the Martian Surface
  • A Copy of the Current Martian Solar Calendar, Including a Description of Martian Timekeeping
  • Information About the Mars Curiosity Rover
  • Select orders come with a special gift!

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Welcome to Mars Assets Registry Syndicate, LLC

For centuries, people have gazed up at the planet Mars and wondered at the mysteries hidden within. Now only decades separate the people of Earth from exploring this new frontier!

You can join this march to the future with your purchase of a Martian land claim. Our deed is more than just an ordinary document: It's a claim to the future. It's an expression of the hope that humanity will inhabit other worlds, that a better tomorrow is possible.

Searching for the perfect unique gift idea? What could be more unique and exciting than choosing your own premium land claim of 10-square-kilometers on Mars? All Martian real estate documents are professionally designed, elegantly printed on high-quality paper, and they make an excellent conversation piece when framed in your home, office, or classroom. And you can visit your property on our interactive Martian property map. Stake your claim to the future today!

Who We Are?

We're the impossible ones. We want to start revolutions with a dream and a backpack for an adventure quest. We want to test the edge of the world by feeling its curves. We want to see more, be more, do more. We stay up late reading books; we love and play our music way too loud. We inhale life and exhale fire.

We know that we can create a better world through education and dreams of a better place. We believe in this wholeheartedly. We are something that you've never experienced before.

We are Mars Assets Registry Syndicate, LLC


All Martian property packages are printed on beautiful, high-quality, acid-free paper, making them perfect for display in your home, office, or classroom! See this site for planet Mars facts. planet Mars living, and planet Mars colonizing!

All completed orders are recorded each year in the Library of Congress.

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The meaning behind the logo:

From one Martian to another, it's great to see you all here.